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NYMI Associates is pleased to offer your patients 3-D TOMOSYNTHESIS MAMMOGRAPHY.

Low dose GeniusTM 3D MAMMOGRAPHY exams are clinically proven to be superior to conventional 2D exams

3-D Tomosynthesis Mammography is a new FDA-approved mammography technology that produces a series of 1mm thick, 3-dimensional digital images of the breast.  Breast abnormalities such as masses, distortions, and asymmetric densities are better visualized with 3-D mammography. As reported in JAMA (6/25/2014), the addition of tomosynthesis to digital mammography is associated with a statistically significant increase in cancer detection rate and a decrease in recall rate. Michelle Morgan MD

3-D tomosynthesis is different from a standard mammogram in the same way a CT scan of the chest is different from a standard chest X-ray.  Standard mammography includes two X-rays of each breast from different angles, typically top to bottom and side to side. Standard mammograms are very effective, but are limited by dense breasts and overlapping tissue. Digital tomosynthesis overcomes these issues by taking multiple images of each breast allowing visualization of the breast tissue through multiple layers and angles.

The benefits of 3-D tomo include:

  • Statistically significant increase in detection of invasive cancers compared to 2D alone.
  • Statistically significant decrease in recall rate from screening mammography.
  • Statistically significant relative increase in PPV for biopsy.
  • Statistically significant relative increase in PPV for recall.

Medicare covers 3D tomosynthesis. But, at this time, not all private insurers are covering this examination.  For patients who do not have coverage for this procedure, there is a charge of $100.

As an American College of Radiology designated Breast Center of Excellence, we thank you for trusting us with the care of your patients and look forward to offering them this significant advance in breast cancer screening.

To schedule your patients or for additional information about 3-D TOMOSYNTHESIS MAMMOGRAPHY, please call us at (212) 535-9770.

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