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Digital Fluoroscopy

NYMI Associates a state of the art Digital Fluoroscopy unit which allows us perform fluoroscopy studies using the highest resolution and image quality. It also allows us manipulate the images so repeat exposures to the patient because of images being too dark or to light is a thing of the past.

Upper GI Series is an examination of the esophagus and the stomach. You will be asked to fast from midnight the night before and you should allow approx an hour for the procedure. When you arrive in the facility the technologist or RPA (radiologist physicians assistant) will ask you some questions regarding your medical history and symptoms.

A single abdomen X-Ray will be taken prior to the radiologist beginning the procedure. The radiologist will then ask you to swallow tiny granules and drink Barium while asking you to turn in different directions. The granules create a gas in your stomach and help delineate the stomachs mucosal layers while the Barium coats your digestive tract so that it becomes much more visible on a specialized TV monitor and film. We will take several pictures of your stomach in different positions.

Occasionally a physician will order a Small Bowel Series with a GI series, and this merely involves drinking a second cup of barium and the technologist taking pictures every 30 minutes until the barium begins to pass into the large intestine. This additional examination can be an added 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Cine Fluoro Esophagram studies wallowing and G.I. reflux mechanisms.

Gastro-Intestinal Imaging

NYMI Associates is dedicated to your health. With over 150 years of combined experience in Radiology, NYMI Associates is well equiped to serve all of your Gastrointestinal Imaging needs.

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